UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA
Haas Pavilion Scoreboard & Sound Modernization
250,000 sf. ft.
360 Architecture
Key Features
Occupied Environment
Seismic/ADA Upgrades
Significant Demolition
Upgraded Equipment Steals the Show in the Golden Bears' Arena

The Haas Pavilion Scoreboard and Sound Modernization project included the demolition, expansion, and modernization of the existing control room and AV infrastructure at the Haas Pavilion on the UC Berkeley campus. Demolition activities included the removal of all existing roof supported scoreboards, hoists, and signage, the removal of two sections of the precast concrete bowl seating to make room for the expanded control room, and select demolition of existing AV cabling throughout the facility. The installation of the new jombotron required a high level of coordination and ingenuity, as machine equipment and cranes were forbidden to be positioned on the court floor. Despite the overhead work, Haas Pavilion remained open and occupied throughout demolition and construction phases.

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