UCSF Mission Bay Rock Hall
San Francisco, CA
Rock Hall Tunneling & Utilities Infrastructure
170,000 sq. ft.
Cammisa + Wipf
Key Features
Occupied Environment
Seismic/ADA Upgrades
Significant Excavation
Shoring & Underpinning
A Remarkable Feat in Technical Building to Keep Rock Hall Scientists in Operation

As one of the first projects developed at UCSF's Mission Bay Campus, Rock Hall is home to a Laboratory Animal Research Facility and the Center for Brain Development programs at their new campus. Due to the soil conditions in Mission Bay, all utilities below the slab on grade of this 5-story, 170,000 sq. ft. research building were falling away from the structure and causing interruptions in UCSF's highly sensitive research projects. Herrero successfully completed the replacement of all below slab utilities including relocation of the main PG&E electrical service without a single interruption to several multi-year animal research studies occurring within the building.

Construction operations included excavation of 75% of the soil below the entire slab on grade to a depth of 6’, installation of temporary utilities, removal of existing utilities and finally, installation of all permanent utilities. The work required us to follow strict mining and tunneling safety procedures including emergency egress & communications, air monitoring, competent person, check in/check out and ground support & shoring programs at all times during the project. The scope of work also included removal and replacement of finishes in the building to support the MEP replacement.

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