Our Purpose: 
To discover and deliver value better than anyone in any industry.

Herrero Builders is a San Francisco based commercial general contractor, operating in the Bay Area since 1955. We are leaders in Integrated Project Delivery and Lean Construction.

Our work spans new construction, seismic upgrades, and tenant improvements in a range of markets, including: healthcare, education, commercial, retail, historic, and hospitality.

Using Herrero Project VIP™, we: 1) discover what’s valued by all project stakeholders, 2) align everyone around those values, and then 3) put in place the processes, systems and culture that will deliver to those values.

Herrero has built a reputation for our integrity, innovation, and service among our Bay Area clients. Over a decade ago, Herrero took the ground-breaking journey of adopting innovative construction processes by implementing Lean, Integrated Project Delivery methodologies, and Virtual Design and Construction software. These innovations have catapulted our ability to deliver meaningful and lasting value.


Our values and core purpose are the foundation upon which all our projects are built, all our employees are hired, and all our decisions are made. We are obsessed with discovering what’s valued most and aligning EVERYONE (and we mean everyone) to deliver it. Revealing what matters most is our genius.

what’s valued.

We take the time to discover what people truly value, which is why we start every project with our Herrero Value Integrated Process (VIP™) which makes value visible and measurable. Identifying what's important to all of our stakeholders leads to better outcomes.

Listening. Delivering.

We have a process for that.

Our processes drive reliable results. We thrive on holistic and systemic thinking. We plan, capture data, and implement continuous improvement. We're proud of our systems because they help us deliver results consistently and predictably for our clients.

Process. Results.

Count on me.

Our word is our promise. If we say we will do something then you can count on us to deliver. If something happens that impacts our promise, we will take responsibility to make things right.


Always learning. Always teaching.

Herrero Builders is a learning organization. We also teach—not just our team members, but also other companies, clients, universities, and even our competitors. We are committed to finding a better way for the future of our people and industry.


Relationships matter. Deeply.

Simply put, we believe in treating others with kindness. We endeavor, always, to be helpful. We're in it to serve our customers, trade partners, and staff for the long term. Our success is owed our deep investment in people.

People. Building Together.

Mark Herrero
Mark Herrero
President & CEO
Jamie Cruz
Jamie Cruz
Denis Driscoll
Denis Driscoll
Paul Klemish
Paul Klemish

Value Integration
Process. The magic is in our ability to make hidden values visible.


Herrero Project VIP™ is our leadership process for discovering collective value to define project success, then delivering that value exceptionally well throughout a project's entire lifecycle. The magic is in our ability to make hidden values visible. We then align those values, behaviors and processes while blurring the traditional line between owners, designers and builders.


We teach Project VIP™ to our industry partners and at universities because we are builders Obsessed with Value Creation and believe it’s a better way to build. To learn more about Herrero Project VIP™, Contact Us.


We live by our core values and nowhere is that more true than in our Safety practices. We understand that projects are built, not by processes or procedures, but by people. We have been entrusted with the precious responsibility of keeping our people safe, and in turn, we provide our people with the systems and the autonomy that are essential for job-site and workplace Safety.

Herrero voluntarily exceeds state and federal regulatory Safety standards. Aligned with Lean construction practices, our Safety program uses a systematic approach with a focus on continuous improvement. The key elements of this program are: management leadership in safety, worker participation, consistent implementation, regular evaluation, and both corrective and preventive action planning.

Safety Awards

Herrero Builders has received the President’s Safety Award from the ConstructionEmployers Association (CEA) for the last four out of five years and we have also been a recipient of the CEA’s Safety Excellence Award for the past seven years. Most recently, our Sutter CPMC Van Ness Campus Hospital project received ENR's Excellence in Safety award. Learn more.


Herrero has been delivering LEED-certified and net-zero buildings for decades.  Our lean practices inherently focus upon reducing waste and promoting sustainability in all forms.  This includes reduced material use, lessened transportation demands, prefabrication, overburdening of resources and so much more. See our projects for more detail.