Reliable accuracy, whether a project is $20M or $2B
We achieve unprecedented accuracy by providing early cost estimates in the Schematic Phase which hold up through design development and 100 % CD-level documents. Historically, we have delivered 90%+ of our projects at or below our initial Schematic estimate.  

We use integrated design tools, BIM and Target Value Design to arrive at early, budget-viable solutions that maximize design, functional and operational goals. We understand this is of paramount importance to our customers and design team. Herrero is a true trusted partner in delivering reliable Preconstruction and durable estimates.


By harnessing the power of the Building Information Model (BIM) and leveraging 65 years of experience, we blend science + art to achieve accurate estimates. 90%+ of our jobs are delivered at or below target.


TVD is an upgraded alternative to “Value Engineering." In a market where it is increasingly expensive to build, Herrero offers customers the benefits of pursuing a TVD process to achieve your scope, design and budget desires.

start early to find VALUE

We realize the highest value for you and your project by working with our owners, designers and project partners from the concept phase, using our Value Integration Process. The earlier we start, the better the results.

Our attention to planning drives reliable results with no surprises.
15 years ago, Herrero began its journey as a Lean builder, and we have not looked back. As an early adopter and innovator of Lean construction practices and approaches, we have grown into a leader in the field. We now teach a diverse range of groups - owners, designers, universities and governments - on using Lean for construction. Arming our incredibly talented people with the most impactful Lean processes allows us to deliver meaningful outcomes and measurable results, and most importantly, VALUE.

identifying value

Herrero VIP is the synthesis of Lean practices from manufacturing for use in construction. It is about aligning stakeholder values, developing metrics to track effectiveness, identifying what is not working, and streamlining workflows to correct issues. The beauty of the system is its scalability in use from small tasks to mega projects.


Developing a Lean community is key to the success of everyone working together intelligently to realize successful projects. Herrero provides training to clients, designers and trade partners to share concepts behind thinking and practicing Lean. We have trained thousands of people and organizations, in the US and abroad.  


VIP aligns seemingly disparate values and needs and mathematically calculates the proper order to address issues, so all values and needs are met. Participating in this process of critical thinking early in the project is transformative for the project (and people). Importantly, it leads to successful project outcomes, measured in profit and timely delivery.

At the global forefront of IPD
Integrated Project delivery
IPD is a paradigm shift, born out of a need to cure the problems of contentious building projects and disputes from broken budgets and schedules. Operating as one project entity (where transparency rules all, and opportunities and risks are shared freely) is the key to IPD. Herrero has successfully and collaboratively integrated people, systems, and culture into a process which optimizes project results and maximizes efficiency through all phases of design, fabrication, and construction. With a truly integrated team, schedule and budget outcomes are incredibly reliable. Our proof?  It's in the numbers:
* VNC Hospital ($1.3B), $18M below budget, on schedule
* Mission Bernal Hospital ($330M), on budget, 5 months early


100% of our IPD projects have been delivered on or below budget and at or ahead of schedule. This was the result of a project culture and contracts where collaboration is rewarded, and where an ethos of project-first is always nurtured. Success also requires full commitment to a highly detailed BIM model.


Herrero has always been on the forefront of Virtual Design and Construction.  On IPD projects, the Building Information Model is a virtual "campfire" around which the entire team gathers to maximize coordination and significantly reduce risk. The better the model, the better the project outcomes.


With Lean tools like the Last Planner System, we work back from the desired result to plan our work. This highly effective strategy keeps all trades and team members on track and focused to meet each milestone. Additional tools include vPlanner, Risk & Opportunity Log, BIM and Big Room management.

Harnessing the power of BIM and Virtual Design to drive results.
Herrero uses Integrated Design methodologies and tools to model the project and continuously plan logistics, manage supply chain, confirm work, improve safety plans, verify quality...and much more. Our Integrated Design team uses software to manage and harness data from BIM models. We leverage tools, both virtual and tangible: laser-scanning (for reality capture of existing conditions), augmented and reality, robotics, and drones (to help realize the owner and design team's vision as intended). Harvesting data from the model is the most powerful and forward-looking part of our team’s expertise. Using Autodesk’s BIM 360 and AI Insight engine, the team makes effective, augmented decisions about cost, performance and schedule.


We use BIM for QA/ QC, to efficiently and expeditiously perform work in the field. Layout for all floor plates, plumbing cores and MEP overhead anchor layouts all benefit from BIM Coordination. Total Station layout brings BIM into the working environment to speed up these activities, with the precision needed to deliver the QA desired by all trades.


While BIM and VDC are used interchangeably they are in fact different. Where BIM is the 3 model, VDC builds on the 3D (building model), and adds the elements of 4D (scheduling), 5D(estimating), 6D (sustainability), 7D (facility management applications).

systems & tools

There is a broad range of tools used to support integrated design efforts. Tools include Revit, AutoCad, BIM, and Navisworks. Navisworks is a model aggregator and analyzation tool for constructability and clash detection). Aggregates Revit (AE), Tekla (S), AutoCad, etc.

Building a like-minded community of innovators.
Herrero has seen the powerful and incredibly reliable results that are achieved by using Lean Construction practices, combined with Integrated Project Delivery methodologies. We have worked hard to become global leaders in Lean, BIM, Virtual Design & Construction and integrating innovation practices and tools into construction. In the spirit of building a like-minded community and sharing the hard -earned lessons of our work, we offer training and consulting services in: Lean Construction, BIM and VDC, the Integrating Innovation.


This training will help you understand what Lean for construction is and how to implement it to deliver value on your projects. After years of teaching groups in Study Action Teams and implementing Lean in organizations, our trainers give you their full attention and share their hard-earned wisdom. At the end of training, you’ll receive Lean Certification if you have fulfilled all the requirements.


Herrero has been an innovative company for decades. We were early adopters of Integrated Project Delivery for large scale construction projects. We now provide advice on how to methodically and successfully implement IPD for a wide range of building types. By doing this, we aim to improve the design and construction industry as a whole. This benefits everyone.

BIM & VDC consulting

Herrero offers organizations training in the internationally awarded processes for collaboration and coordination in the Building Information Model.  The model is now maturing into a source of data and team decisions. Learn to leverage the power of machine learning, big data and Industry 4.0 to significantly improving productivity, quality and sustainability in construction.