Congregation Nevitot Shalom
Berkeley, CA
Synagoge & Day School
20,000 sq. ft.
David Finn Architects
Key Features
Significant Demolition
Helping a Congregation Plant its Roots in an Unlikely Building

Moving from rented space, the Congregation Netivot Shalom sought to build a permanent home of its own in Berkeley, taking over a space once occupied by a liquor store on University Avenue. The property sits adjacent to a Montessori school, which led the neighboring institutions to collaborate on mutually beneficial design elements and shared spaces for the project.

As part of the scope, Herrero raised the existing roof approximately five feet, allowing for a 2nd story to be built. The new roof also created a dramatic focal point for the sanctuary.

To shield the synagogue from the noise of busy University Avenue, Herrero collaborated with the architect to conceive of a barrier space between the building and the street, with courtyard walls and trellises and rows of trees.

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