Fort Baker Retreat Group
Sausalito, CA
Murray Circle Restaurant
10,000 sq. ft.
Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects
Key Features
Integrated Project Delivery
Lean Construction
Historic Preservation
Seismic/ADA Upgrades
Significant Demolition
New Construction
Former Barracks To Fine Dining

Murray Circle, the restaurant at Cavallo Point, was built at the site of the former barracks of Fort Baker. The restaurant offers majestic Golden Gate Bridge vistas, along with retro tin ceilings and a cozy dining room with several fireplaces. Originally the site was a derelict military base that dated back to 1850. The buildings were empty and in dire need of repair. They were listed on National Register of Historic Places and the federal government (Department of Interior) had an obligation to restore the buildings, which were eventually turned into a lodge and conference center. Because the site is a beautiful old military fort, there are stunning architectural details, and you are surrounded incredible views.

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