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Sue Bhattacharjee Joins Herrero as Director of Preconstruction

"I’ve always approached my career focusing
on continuous improvement and delivering value...

Herrero’s mission is the same, and it’s exciting."

Herrero Builders is proud to announce that Sue Bhattacharjee has joined the firm as Director of Preconstruction. An industry veteran with a portfolio of successful projects spanning commercial, life sciences, aviation and healthcare sectors, Sue will first lend her expertise to the UCSF New Hospital at Parnassus Heights project.

Having held many roles during her construction career, Sue’s range of knowledge will positively impact Herrero’s operational, preconstruction, estimating and pursuit efforts. Regardless of the specific title held, she has consistently earned praise from colleagues and customers as “an essential team player” for her “professionalism,” ability to solidify a “team atmosphere,” and an “attention to detail that results in well run projects.” Her client-centric approach and ability to deliver value to everyone on a project is a natural fit for Herrero.

“I’m truly honored to join Herrero, a firm with an outstanding reputation and clear vision for itself,” said Sue. “I’ve always approached my career focusing on continuous improvement and delivering value, not just for me, colleagues or customers, but for the wider community of trade partners and industry at large. Herrero’s mission is the same, and it’s exciting. I feel the sky is the limit.”  

“Sue’s capabilities and achievements speak for themselves,” said Herrero President Rick Millitello. “She’s an admired professional and incredibly strong leader, and she brings a personal set of values that align perfectly with how Herrero operates. I look forward to watching the positive impact she will have on project teams, the experiences she will bring to our customers, and the mentorship she will bestow on our future leaders.”

In addition to her preconstruction and team-building expertise, Sue brings a passion for coaching construction professionals and advancing discussions of diversity, courage and vulnerability. She recently led discussions on Confidence and Vulnerability at Ascend’s “Women in Construction World Series” and ENR’s “Groundbreaking Women in Construction”. The latter was a conversation with young professionals on the importance and challenges of allowing vulnerability to improve the quality of decision-making and create lifelong partnerships.

“I am an optimist at heart and I’m excited about the way that preconstruction has evolved,” admits Sue. “But I also believe there is more we can do to rethink traditional roles, mentor younger staff toward positions traditionally off limits to them and encourage transparency between colleagues. I look forward to the progressive transformation that will take place over the next several decades and I’m committed to helping lead the charge.”

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